Qeeb and Homework

Misi gigih nak siapkan homework si Qeeb one page per day time cuti skolah. The exercise book mostly about shapes and colors.

First page
The question tanya mangga masak color aper. Qeeb spelled o.r.a.n instead. I asked him to erase 'a' but he erased the whole thing and complained penat. Eiii baru one word tuh. But dia buat jugak laa.

Then i sesaja flipped through other pages and only realized that the spelling should be 'jingga'! Adoiii how sengal i am! I asked him to padam balik and no need to guess lah his reaction lepas tuh.

Second page
Kene colorkan all the shapes ikot color yang ditulis. For example merah + kuning = ? So kene jawab lahh aper hasil color camporan tuh. Sampai 3rd question soklannyer merah + biru. I asked him jadik aper?

He answered bluntly....jadik spiderman. Whatttt? Noo! Aduhh terbayang uniform spiderman color red and blue tuh :P Then i told Qeeb it's purple lahh! Qeeb replied...spiderman purple?

Kalo peksa jawab cemnie pengsan cheq.


  1. hahahhahah Qeeb!! so cute jawap spider man! hehehehehe


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