Starting Solid Food at 6 Months

Should i start solids at 4 months after my baby’s ACTUAL birth date, or 6 months after ikot CORRECTED AGE?
I still have mixed feelings takot nak bagi. The other day one of the friendly paed suggested start jer bagi solid. Cumanyer jangan paksa if the baby refused don't turn it into a battle ground pesannyer! ON a different day kat KK plak, the nurse yang attend us looked surprised that i haven't start with feeding Zafeer with solid food. Pffftt! But Zafeer just started to blajar roll over, duduk pon senget2 lagik so is he really ready? Kengkadang ada laa nampak dia tak puas after milk feeds and suker makan tangan.

Pape pon i already started learning some of recipes to try out nanti. Compared to Qeeb dolu, trus start dengan soft biscuits and porridge. Because he was a full term baby so tak risau sangat. With Zafeer i think kene start with something yang lagik easy to digest.

  • To go or not to go? Most of the parents experience in this article varies. There are no definite answers because all babies are different. Link: Introducing solids to premature baby

  • Real story about starting solids. The baby not necessarily will love what you give. Be prepared to be spitted haha. What I wish i'd known about starting solids.

Remember the mantra FOOD IS FUN! And a little tip before feeding session, start with giving milk first. Insya Allah Zafeer. You'll do fine and loveeeee fruits and vegetables sampai besaq panjang. Food is FUN!

Source: Recipes at Baby Centre


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