Zafeer @ 6 Months

So much fun and heart melting moment with this one. So many things to put inside his mouth. So many airliur menjejeh berbucket2. So many foods to explore. He just started his solid yeayyy! His first food was avocado puree and followed by pumpkin puree. He loves to roll. Even in his sleeps.

Zafeer @ 6 months  Zafeer @ 6 months

Zafeer with his shiny brand new high chair. Not even a splat of food yet hehe.

Zafeer @ 6 months

We love you so much munchkin. Moga keep on membesar dengan sehat dan kuat. And maybe some more hair too.

Zafeer @ 6 months

May Allah protect you from any harm.

Zafeer @ 6 months


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