Saturday, December 27, 2003

Expo held a lunch @ Magic Wok today after work, a new year feast. There's sate, bihun goreng, rendang, squid curry, salad bla bla bla. It was okay. Balik singgah jln TAR with a list of things to buy, nana's stuff.

Quite a boring day! After Maharani Sarjeet and Alicia the Tigeress encounter, my weekend mood drop 50%. Mandooom!!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

puckering my lips...writing under mistletoe. *sigh!!* Merry xmas to aunts uncles and cousins. Merry xmas to everyone!! Hepi hol!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Bebudak opis gave me a surprise bday cake 2day. how totful :D! i tot they didn't know. they're not spose 2 know! hehe.

@ first we all tapau for lunch. then I went back to my seat to play FoulWords, when anim approach...kater ader benda nak cakap sket. serius jer...cuak gak. aku pon folo ler dia masuk updating room. bukak jer pintu berderet muka dok dalam gelap with a couple of candle lit! whoaaa....! macam dalam drama plak! biler masa diaorang gathered dalam bilik tuh aku pon x sedar. sumer sibuk tanya umur aku exactly brapa...alahai tuh yang tak bes tuh! niat murni nak biskan lunch hour main game...habis dengan mencekik cake. but most of all tq very much for planning all this :D the way, my nite almost spoiled by this 2 lil' brats who can't help themselves enjoying feeding my nieces! the worst part was when didi starts to spilled Nestle Trix onto the floor deliberately while I was in the washroom. rite from the hall down to the kitchen. adly was reporting 2 me...but then he joined kicking and throwing those colourful Trix. diaorang ingat nih cereal party pe? dahler melekit. forcing em to pick it up was a bad idea! aku mogok tanak bancuh milk....menggelabah didi, siap peluk² kaki aku lagik cam citer tanggang. hmmm... sounds like i'm entitled the worst aunt of the year.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

26 Syawal '03

Yesterday was my open house at CG cafe. Straight from Office with Wani, Koji, kak tipah, Hanim, Nizam, Eila, Bon, Alid, Lan, Abg Yan and abg Mazlan. Susu was already there, later Inot and Seri joined. Rina + Jepp, and abg Rizal + wife and adik ipar dia sampai. And then Zetty, Fawaz and Am plak made entrance. Pastuh Lissa and Mislianor came. And oohh lissa looks gorgeus. Tunggu punya tunggu baru si Akmal and Jan sampai.

Peh tu Saha plak sampai...lone ranger. Then Pijot and fiance, John. Bak kater zect lagi lama selepas tuh, Wan Saad & Sharil pon sampai. Naik lembik bebudak lain tunggu. Hahahah...And I tot that was the last. Aku pon dah setat kemas²...skali Irma called kater nak datang bulih tak? Hahaha time tuh dah kol 8 lebey. Soo sampailer group yang konpem paling last skali. Irma, Hogan and Fadh. Tq very much for the efforts nak datang gak...since diaorang baru sampai dari Perak. :D

But I’m hepi plus a lil bit guilty if not being a good host to everyone. Aku tatau nak dok meja mana. Heheh…tuh pon sib baik aku takyah ke kitchen. Tapik sempatler gak aku terentertain bebudak who happens to be there when I slipped on the floor. Wushh...Siut! Slamat aku tak pegang kek!! Adeh…clumsy again! Thanx oso to Mak su, Nini and Bob yang buat air, prepare food, cuci pinggan. Amy pon tolong angkat pinggan...:D

Thanx again for coming. Sori aper² yg terkurang. Service or food. See pitcha.

Slamat betunang to Ayong...wawa's big sista. Congratulations!!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

King Clutz on the move

Hari luka sedunia...a scratch on my hand terkena wire. Tersepak meja...berdarah kaki. The sandals hurts my feet...berdarah gak. ma finger point tercucuk pin. darah lagik. tergigit ma lips...suck da blood. nak kater ader gigi taring sumer tumpul. and a zit! sesia jer darah AB aku. heh! okay blargh!
Return of the King premiere starts with character appearance wandering around. muka sesekoq cam hapa jer...but they are tall!! then movie starts! huhu...won't talk much bout it. but it was great...more than great!! except the ending is quite dragging, or perhaps I can't stand the cold any longer. and the plot focus more on the Hobbits than the rest.

not look-alike-cast

uuh aragorn!!

I'm high!! more to flat ekceli...g'nite!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Sunday went to Fawaz then Zt's open house. Meriah!! Also read Wawa's. Caramel ko sedap ler zet...empuk lagik kenyal! and also cheese cake! heheh. Balik around 11.30 tumpang akmal. Bapak called kater nana bising balik lambat. and then nana called kater bapak bising. eleehh...saper yang risau sebenonya nih. see pix!!

Monday kejer cam besa...Eila ponteng so I took over her port and took a nap. aku wat 20-30 pages jer dat day. hahah...selebeynya tdo. tak patut!! balik jumpa tan...

Tuesday...bangun lambat. Luckily Wani punch card for me...kot tak havta stay back. And 2moro...going to watch LOTR premiere. ps: kamben jangan jeles ah!! muahahha

Saturday, December 13, 2003

yeargh! yeargh! 2moro cuti! S'pose to have lunch with Dilla 2day...but cancelled last minute coz dia ilang transpot. but later she came jugak lagik 5 minutes aku nak naik opis. it was a quick one x berbaloi ngan 6 tahun tak jumpa. she's still a laughing craze. dat's what i like bout her...her laugh is so sincere and loud! some house chores. Nana said Amy will drop by and he might need place to crash. Abg Yan wat open house for Expo staff but I'll definitely not going for one reason. Malas! Eila's house on Sunday, Insya-Allah. And then there's Fawaz and Zetty's also on Sunday. Huhu!

p.s: Apocalyptica...giler bapak ganaz diaorang nih main cello!

Monday, December 8, 2003

Sunday went to BB's with Susu. She looked so bright and hepi. I didn't get the chance to see the guy, mother dia jer yang sampai dolu. cis dan cis! And then rush to LRT KJ. Wawa and Zect already waiting for me. Pegi braya umah Din plak @ Putrajaya. Seriously...I like the bedegil and kek mambo (i think dat's the name).

After they dropped me @ home, BB came over hantar lauk. eheheh since aku tak sempat mencekik kat umah dia. Adeh...susah payah lak dia! But tq very much for your thoughts. That was yesterday. Here we are Monday blues again. Sok banyak buku aku kluar. 3 final PDF, 4 1st pp. After 2moro's dateline...relax sket. Can't hardly wait!
You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal. "And The Phoenix's cycle had reached zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He emerged from his own ashes, to be forever immortal." Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum (Egyptian). The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life, the number 0, and the element of fire. His sign is the eclipsed sun. As a member of Form 0, you are a determined individual. You tend to keep your sense of optomism, even through tough times and have a positive outlook on most situations. You have a way of looking at going through life as a journey that you can constantly learn from. Phoenixes are the best friends to have because they cheer people up easily.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

Meet up with zect...lunch @ KL Sent. Then straight to Sg Wang...and so the hunting for Digi cam begins. Aku tanak elaborate bebanyak coz ader satu promotion tuh same camera as mine, tersangatlah besnya dia punya pakej! uhuk!!! Frust!! zet dah rambang mata...paler ligat pikiaq. mana satu dia ndak...hehehe. sampai ke balik, pon tak bis pikiaq lagik.

aku lak mission nak carik kasut..tetiba lak sandal sendiri putus. elok benaw ler tuh memang 'terpaksa' beli gak.

zet pon sempat sambar satu sandal. heheh...balik lak aku terkepit kat pintu lrt. My bag ekceli. Orang punyala ramai,

yang masuk sumer nak trus peluk tiang depan pintu. jamler...orang blakang tabley masuk. aku pushed...skali beg plak

tak lepas daa...shoot! ader la 10 second tunggu driver bukak balik pintu! malu jap 5 minit.What a klutz! dad stood me up. kater nak gi braya sesama...burink tunggu ler tuh aku dia blah gi umah sedara.

sabo jelah!!
Had Burger King @ Suria with Susu...and then browse Isetan and Parkson. I end up nothing...Susu got herself 2 new

clothes. Urghhh...By 8.40 we made our way back to Putra, when suddenly our eyes caught on someone holding LOTR tumbler. we were like eh?...uuu lets go back in to TGV. So I bought a combo consist of popcorn, tumbler (Gandalf pon jadikla), and The Ring (as if!).

KLCC's station now covered with LOTR giant poster. Bersemangat giler lalu! wuhuuu...feel! feel the aura! And yeah KLCC has a very tall tall x-mas tree. siap dah de xmas carole, santas and elves. Why is it only during xmas, the display in mall would be the most grand of all?

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Sarjeet is driving me nuts today. Dahler mac ngan printer jauh 1 floor...dia nak soh aku kurus pe turun naik amik corr dia one by one. gimme one pile la...nih kejer giler namanya. kurus tak gak!

One more new book today-Contesting City in the Modern West. Sounds boring and it is borriing! Text, maps, tables, text, maps. Urghhh! Anyway, I was wondering why all of sudden bebudak cina 2nd and 1st floor tetiba bercantonese ngan aku. Dulu Tan jer yg rajin paksa aku cakap. macam pakat plak diaorang nih. Musti ader komplot! Dengan itu terjadilah ayam ngan itik cuba berburak. Orang lain dengo sure fenin!

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

° Hotmail changed the interface again.

° Channel 8 is much much more clearer than Channel 9.

° I'm addicted to Feel 100% chinese drama.

° Workin' on 'Marketing Authors' and literature 'Charlotte Bronte'.

° All my shoes are soaking wet and didn't get chance to dry.

° Tan was transferred to APW...poor fella.

° I think Delta Goodrem has a fresh features.

° Scary Movie 3 is so pornly funny.

° Felix asked for my number :D


Sunday, November 30, 2003

Friday...Yulie was in KL. She dropped by @ the house with Emi. Finally sempat gak jumpa. TQ for coming! And then selang 1 hour, aunty Rose and family lak datang braya.

Saturday...Pak & Mak Long mai braya all the way from Penang.

Nih sumer datang braya umah, biler lak aku nak pegi braya umah orang? dah ler x dapat duit raya! iskk!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

3rd Raya

Work! Work! Work! :P

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Selamat Hari Raye!!

Time Planet nih mmg nak kena pelempang. Every raya musti cenggini. Tapi takpe I still wanna bla bla bla.

Malam raya wat takbir, tak ramai pon jemaah surau like last year. Banyak balik kampung kot. By the way TQ to all for SMS wishes!

Pagi Raya, makan², posing² and mintak ampun dan maap, pegi pusara arwah mom, balik singgah secret recipe beli stock memalam. Balik Nana get ready nak escapade to her mother-in-law's house. Hampes...menggelabah ler aku sensorang nak layan orang. Peh tuh bebudak area cni datang braya.

Tgh ari, my aunt came with one whole family. Menggelupur kat dapur...aiyoh yang x laratnya berlambak pinggan nak basuh sampai tak cukup sink. Petang cket, me and my dad wat closing, which means no more guests...hahaha. Layan tv ler apa lagik.

Malam cket, sedara mara kat Sg. Buluh lak call nak come over. Soo kesimpulannya aku telah melayan around 30++ guests in one day with my co-host, Bapak. Sounds ciput...but hey me, the world king-klutz in the kitchen!! Stahun skali beb, skali skala tunjuk skill. Nyehahaha....and nana? she's safe for now from workload! huh!!

and ooh did I mention dat Zetty left me! Braya kat Somban lak dia. Aku gak yang sensorang braya kat cni. isk...zet ko kejam. tapi sempat gak sms ngan dia pasal ustad ensem (@ ntv7)! wakakaka...ustaz yang penah masuk cleo's eligible bachelor. tak sesuuaaaiii!

Monday, November 24, 2003

1.07 a.m. Refused to sleep. Refused go to work. Aku nak buat apernya pon besok kat ofis. Kira budget duit raya, tukaq duit raya singgit² kat RHB bawah tuh (saper nak singgit mehler braya umah aku...), pos baki² kad raya (kes asyik lupe pos), peh tuh carik green packet.

Adly wat stoopid jokes just now. He came over from my dad's room (my dad still not home yet) and said he saw someone in white. Aku mula ler meremang (time tulih nih pon nerves gak :P) tapik nak tunjuk brani punya pasal, I went and checked. Tgk porch, something in white ader la...white car. Then he said can he sleep in my room? I was like sure...trus dia lari gi amik bantal bucuk dia kat bilik. Aihh...asbestos! Brani lak dia masuk bilik tuh, nampak sangat aku kena klepet! Blasah kang...nilah budak zaman skang. watch too much tv!!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

I'm a workaholic! Had a revamp-da-house-day. The hall now have a new look. and mid-hall? erm tatauler baper lama bulih bertahan the cleanliness. Takes hours to clean-up and arranging, but it only takes 5 minutes for the boys to 'rearrange'. I started from the kitchen to my room, nana from hall to dining table. and after 2, aku nak shove baju dalam lemari pon tak larat. When my dad saw...siap perli "abis reput tulang anak aku". eiss sabo jelah. dah bis gotong royong, aku tidoq. dahler ujan..uhuh syiok.

geez tomorrow still have to go to work. when i mentioned dat, everybody goes what? ko biaq btol. whooaa betoller nih. as in 2moro i'll be the only malay in the office. by noon aku chow. maybe singgah memana...kasut raya takdak lagik! talk later...

tangan dijabat di talian iman

hati diikat simpulan persaudaraan

bila jiwa berdakapan

perasaan bergandingan

terbukalah keberkatan lebaran

one of raya cards I received which have kuih baulu on it. it's so cute!

Friday, November 21, 2003

i'm still in the office tunggu time nak bukak posa. aih mati kutu nak tunggu lagik 2 jam. nak round Atria, break tadik dah pegi! urgh...the menu berra be good! make it worth waiting!

The news about humanitarian, Dr. Alijah Gordon, 74, who passed away last two days is quite upsetting. Not that I know her personally but all her books is published by MSRI and my company is the typesetter for couple of years, ekceli abg Yan to be exact. She's an American Muslim and a former journalist, also very particular on how her book should be typeset, that's why the staffs here called her 'nenek kebayan' (jokingly). I haven't got the chance to read her writings yet...but soon. Everytime her book launching Tun Dr. Mahathir would do the honour. The part I'm touched is she has one last book left about parti PAS which she haven't got the chance to read it for first proof after being hospitalised. They still doing it here.

Kak meriyani break the news to me that morning thru sms (lom kuar paper lagik that time), and asked wether abg Yan knew already. so I asked him, and in a way I break the news to him. He was stunt. Geez...I feel bad.

Al-Fatihah to her, who fight for Palestinians.

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Semuga panjang umur, sihat walafiat, murah rezeki. Cayang priority, my life. Went to cafe bukak posa kat sana...then potong² cake, amik² gambo.

2moro Expo is holding majlis bukak posa. Might attend it...tgkler cenggana dolu

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Woke up late today...menggelabah aku naik LRT. Putra buat hal plak...due to technical problem, it had to be drive manually and VERY SLOWLY. lagik la aku lambat. hampes.

This couple of days, I have no books at all. We were lazying around, reading magazine, burn CD ntahapahapa, lunch tgk VCD, main game. Giler idle tahap cipan. Abis sumer folder aku tukau icon. dah tukar icon, tukar label color lak, pastuh rename. Whateva nonsense that can make me stay at the desk. Besides everybody is in festive mood! Buku yang due next 2 weeks sumer dah siap. tinggal aku jelah yang nak wat packing list and shipped off since I'm the only one around for UK team. huk huk!

Gosh uploading pix is such a pain in the ass. Seems forever....Finally here is get together for buka posa with my skoolmate @ Chakri and Penang Village with bebudak UTM.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Tried to log in time.planet via FTP, failed manjang. aku pon naik fed-up...:P

Got a call from BB saying she accepted her dad's choice for future husband after meeting the guy's family today. I was make it VERY surprised, because she totally object the idea at first. I'm talking about matchmaking here. marrying someone you never met. She fill me the details as soon we meet up. I kinda excited, it's not like everyday your friend is having an arrangement wedding. When a father approved, it means the guy wasn't dat bad ayt? Haha...I mentioned this casually to Bapak, soh dia carikkan, hampes dia gelak giler! I was half-serious!

At last, I get to watched Matrix Revolution. Pelik gak Suria tader plak packed hari nih. But there's a lot of man-in-uniform crowd. *grrrin!* Navy i guess, from Republic of Korea. First time aku tgk Navy went for shopping. and goalie...they are darn cute!

Friday, November 14, 2003

I really can't stop smiling rite now! nyehahaha...i'm sitting in front of my screen @ home. Finally. Wan delivered it just now...

All the pitcha will soon be upload after I got FTP. and saper yang nak cuci gambo tuh...blehler aku cucikan. Okay...boit!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Down With Love...the movie looks strikingly bright, fresh and pinkish, the costumes are well-matched but then again...between Barbara Novak and Catcher Block (kewl name eh..) doesn't create any spark. but i really admire the looks artificial, perfect and soo 60s.
First day of Ramadhan:D getup @ 4.30 for sahur. currently in terribly sleepy mode. and those smells from downstairs...gosh. dahler bersepah restaurant kat bwh opis nih. macam2 bau yang bleh meleleh dibuatnya. isk...hampes tol!

some pix from Helen's farewell lunch. she's the one in red baby-t. she's soft-spoken and real sweetheart!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Happy Deepavali! Got some muruku in the house...Sarjeet yang bwk. haha! So what did ya guys do on Deepavali. I did some serious potato-couch thingy...and that include couple of tamil + hindi movie. :D oh yeah i did watch primavale...aper ntah aku pon tak ingat, Run (half-way though) and j2m2. but nothing beats Padayappa! huhu! j2m2 is unique i must say from other typical hindi movie for its special effects and storyline which based on gujarati fable. the giant, Jhamanda reminds me of someone....thehehe! Okie dokie...gotta back to work. Jajantaram!! Mamantaram!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

had lunch @ KFC today...sempena menyambut bulan posa bak kater bebudak opis. ahakz...orang wat kenduri nih melantak kentaki! will post the pix later!

most probably fasting month will start on Monday. how fast time flies....*sigh*

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

wakakaka...aku pon tak pasan daaa ader 3 post. hang mention baru aku scroll bawah. biler la aku nak clean up the archive. panjang meleweh. tomoro or the day after, i'm planning to go to Sogo. there's a warehouse sale...something like dat but all i see is SALE!! 70%, 50% sign. yehaaa...i lurve sale! now...where did i put dat Bee Dees card?

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

okay...i'm back! since i dunno how to turn on my modem @ home, had to wait till i start back to work today. Everyone is asking how am i nice but asking me if i come across anything weird is silly. Alhamdullilah, niat nak buat umrah tok arwah mom dah terlaksana. I felt happy and contented. Murah rezeki, insya-Allah i wanna go there again and again.

Catch couple of movies during the flight...Down with Love and Italian Job. Heheh...Finally dapat gak tgk I.J.

I’m still in holiday mood. Tons of workload waiting at my table. sampai dah takder tempat nak letak. fening paler gua...dengan banyak tangan becampur2 kejerkan buku aku, kena keep track balik. 2 books due 2moro. 6 books in the list. Sib baik KY asked for revises...i’m glad to get rid of it. amik...amik sumer pon takper. takmo kejer!!! miss my buddies! biler leh jumpe korang? especially Toad yang dah bertahun aku x jumpe!! ye toad??

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Monday meet up with Susu and BB @ Suria. We had quick dinner at Burger King. And yesterday...i took a day off for injection and buy few things. Also...yesterday i got myself a new Digi Cam. huhu! Bought it with my very own money. Not exactly my money but its from my account tho. hehe whateva! At first i was guilty for spending unnecessarily...but when the word investment pop up, i was feeling lil more okay. okay back to my ‘investment’...its not some flashy and hi-tech camera. i get the 2nd cheapest one of all camera on display. its Kodak-easyshare. i kinda hate the design @ first but after some evaluation with the sales asst...the price, features and everything i settled with this one with big grin :) luckily susu volunteered to accompany for camera-hunt. tq! tq! you’re such a darling!

Monday, October 6, 2003

saturday, big lunch at CG with irma, fad, kwn fad, ais, rok, rini, wawa, zet n rina. stayed there couple of hours...and then headed to rina’s house @ KD. dok lelepak jap...kidnap couple of cds, pastuh balik...i’m totally flat. i slept around 10 p.m. sunday me, bapak and nana went out to buy few stuff for this friday. pastuh ader la lagik...maleh nak citer dah.

p.s: naper chatterbox aku melahu eh? dahler aku sndri tabley nak post apa-apa...heh!

Saturday, October 4, 2003

Which journal site are you?

An instant classic!

hmmm...i never use this one before.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

2day is nana's one and only sista! i didn't get her anything...if i buy her a cake, she sells cake, if i buy her flowers, she make flower arrangements, if i buy her card, she have tons stock-up cards. so i just give her all my love! lame...heheh, but hey i really do love her! she's the best successor after mom. and mom's birthdate.

i called nana around 10 tiz morning to wish her. she said, "hey, i haven't see your face!" yeah...i haven't seen her for two days! and we're still living in the same house! when she got back, i already slept, when i'm off to work, she still sleeping. the last time i spoke to her was tiz morning thru toilet door! thehehe...might drop by @ the cafe and have dinner there tonite :D

Monday, September 29, 2003

It's MONDAY morning sickness again! Somebody saaaveee mee!!! Kinda weird today that the tren is half empty, no crowds, no long-queue @ the bus-stop.

Friday nite, wan came over and take the pc for repairing. Saturday nite stuck in Pak Su’s office till morning because i gave ALL the pc. mangkok! hantar repair salah, tak hantar pon salah.

Yesterday evening, went for Pijot’s engagement @ Precint 9. beautiful one...definitely lurve her make-up which she did all by herself, it suits her complexion. btw i had to drag Adly along since nana had to finish last minute preparation @ the cafe. Well, Adly seems really enjoyed being surrounded by ladies for the whole evening...gosh hope that wasn’t a bad sign. hehehe. again...congratulations to Pijot and her fiancee :D

Thursday, September 25, 2003

susu sent me this:

“love your job but never fall in love with your company because you will never know when the company stops loving you”

isn’t dat sooo rite? i love my job but i hate the company.they pay me low...heheh

i'm so bored rite now...3 copy-editing books is waiting. i'm save from any hiatus at the moment. I've made a couple of books previously on economy, finance and so on plus today's title...i always noticed that our PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his success would appear somewhere in the even quoted his speech. Doesn't dat makes you proud? I am... those outsiders observed and analysed his plan. Did we ever take advantage on dat? oohh well, guess my patriotism hormone seems lil bit boost today. even browse bout issues in Malaysia.... hahaha! only for today i guess.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Didi was discharged yesterday. He's okay...but showing off his tantrum once in while. Yesterday i had to go home by myself...walked to taman mulia buy dinner. and then walked back to lrt, hailed a cab. it's better now recently that taxi rate within BTR area is fixed without the meter. because sometimes they take 2-3 passengers per ride, so it's unfair to charge the last one off using meter consuming the times for others passenger's stops.

new books coming in today doesn't reach alert bulb! i have all the time to do it in my own pleasure. surfing in between. downloading @ the same time :D i now have 3 doors down, jewel, stacie orrico, lumidee, af...dat's it. aper lagik yang bes di donlod? fhhaa fhhhii fhhuuu fhoo fhhom. (^o^)

Monday, September 22, 2003

Monday Blues...

Saturday nite doesn't end so well. Didi was admitted @ SJMC because of hi-fever for 5 days and asthma. Siaaannn!

Sunday morning went to Selayang for a couple of hours then me and Bapak went straight to SJMC. Happy to see him smiling again, running and screaming *relieved! Tues will be out, Insya-Allah. :D

Saturday, September 20, 2003

uh erm okay...i've finished my karipap sardin. and now it's only 11.20! Dreadful...
i’m completely idle rite now. no more books! arghhh busan. if i’m paid to surf than shouldn’t be a prob to maximize this damn i.e browser. US team pon no incoming jobs. sbb diaorang takde job la menghabihkan buku aku. sumer datang mintak kat aku. udahnya aku pon running out of books! isk...nak watper nih? makan karipap ler. 1 karipap estimate 1 hour of chewing ;)
*yawn!* saturday morning and i'm @ the office! whoaaa tsk.tsk...*big yaaawwwwnnnnnnnn!*

Thursday, September 18, 2003

A piece of good n shockin' news! Pijot is getting engage! wuhuuuu! way to go! She's wacky, wild and now she settling down :D ahahaha...semuga berbahagia!

there goes my nick somewhere in Sinbad column. eBash! Sedey aku nengok freebies yang lelain...yang berganda besnya! dahler cam burn jer tix tuh...i don't have time to pick it up :P

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

nothing much to do today...deadline jauh lagik. so i'm working like lalala. 5 sharp i'm off. yesterday...i kinda have black aura hehe. first a small black rock stuck in my eyes (erm..maybe it's a sand, well i'm exagerating!) but damn it hurts. i'm having bad time to blink.

then kat umah lak...terkena electric shot. dat was the first time i felt a few volts running thru my hand up to shoulder!. bergegar tangan gua. hisss...sblom nie cam percik gitu gitu, tak rasa sangat. i felt numb. kot lepas tuh aku jadik bionic woman...tak gak. buang karan jer.

p/s: a guy who works @ Waterford Wedgewood is sooo darn kiut!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Finally i got tuned to Channel 9! Weee...But not very clear thouggh. Bapak said one of reason why we shouldn't have cabel tv. Haiyaak mana sama. (^-^)

Monday, September 15, 2003

went out yesterday with Wawa yang keburingan...zect hampeh tanak folo. since aku pon burink dok umah baik folo wawa tgk pintu opis dia cenggana. gi Berjaya Times Square yang beso dan lom bukak lagik tuh, kutip sampah fliers and vouchers, lunch at Swensen...leypak @ Starbucks (tq to wawa's voucher) turun naik KL Plaza carik main entrance opis dia. Weird thing is...we still haven't found it.

Later @ Perspektif Dr. Siti Hasmah. Wuhuuu...she's the 2nd women doctor in Malaysia. wow. liked the part how she and PM end up all starts with study date. hmm...and Dr. Mahathir always came to her hostel with his motorbike. Hehe...sounds cute! Because he is absolutely cute @ dat time. Taa!

Friday, September 12, 2003

i hate tiz shit...tukaq jer always end up like pile of shitos!
I could hear the jet rite now...flying low. Kinda alarmed...but the news mentioned that the armed forces are practising for their 70th annivesary. Geez the rooftop is vibrating. those pilots surely having a great time showing off...hah. (^o^)

Thursday, September 11, 2003

celebr8 low and chiat’s bday yesterday...which falls today on sept 11. we ordered tons of dominos pizza...huhu! there's 12 of us eating like piranhas. around 6 gi jumpa Haila @ KL Sentral. She’s going to fly next week. We talk like mad...fill in each other’s and the others details. hahahaha. i slept with lil’ Didi last nite till nana balik @ 2. a.m and woke me up to pindah bilik. She’s cleaning up the café with abg ayie...and i end up being damn sleepy rite now. i almost bang my head on the kibod! wokeh taaa...

Sunday, September 7, 2003

I got 60 points for timenet ebash...and i chose tix of 20 points???!!! I didn't read the rules..fucked up! tula giler kuasa...ingat leh claim 2 prizes 20:40. Arghhh tensen! Whoaaa...tix sinbad lak tuh. Bukannya leh tgk muka Brad Pitt pon! Arghh tensen! :D Why did i click dat darn button first! I could've click Cleo subscription or CDsss....okay now i'm in a deep depress mode!
went to MVA today @ National Art Gallery. just a lil room at the left corner from main entrance. we arrived while they were screening SIGGRAPH animation reels and its certainly dark in there...i can't even see the steps. But the reels was absolutely damn good. There's bout war, playstation, advertisement, and also gorillaz vids. Awesome...i can't even contain my excitement! :D This is a whole lot more than Pixar. I was like wow...and wow, wish I could do that.

When the lights are on, saw a bunch of nerdies. but kewl one...with attitude and style. I liiikee! I want to be part of this industry crowd, advertising, videoz and audioz. Soon...or later. Hopefuli.

Then went for late lunch @ Suria. Throngs of ppl! Urghh...makan kat foodcourt and sambung snack @ Burger King. Balik!! Adly packed himself for one week gateway to PD, his other grandparents house. Time he shipped himself to TokPD's car...sedey la plak. Takder dah member nak gado. Whooaaa...Ngan bantal² bucuk sumer dia angkut. Just now Nana kept asking me about AI, and I shoud introduce him to Bapak. Aiyohh! Giler...he's not the one. He's not even my bf! Pthh...

Monday, September 1, 2003

i almost forgot how it feels like being bullied by big sista. i can't believe i almost cried...screaming over the phones. slamat hphone takder receiver...kalo ader mmg aku slam. nak campak...melampau ler. stoopid, but it hurts!. and it shouldn't happen @ tiz age! balik...big fight! 20 minutes later...we talked as if nothing happen. heheh...dat's one of great things, u don't havta worry about pujuk². no hard feelings...but plastered yes!

and yes...i'm dat sensitive!


Sunday, August 31, 2003

Slamat Hari Merdeka! Independece Day!!

I slept way early last countdown, no TV. sleep is all i'm looking for. tiz the marching. and Fadh is on TV! wuhhuu....i saw u! i saw u! Noon went out to Midvalley. Its crazy to go there...but he insist. Rasa nak ngamuk carik parking! lagik syiok!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

don't talk too much...people will hate u. don't talk too loud...people will disgust you.

don't push people when they give you i-don't-want-to talk-rite-now look. they'll ignore you.

don't brag about your not-so-great-life. people get sick of you. don't talk as if you know

everything when you know nothing. they'll look down on you. dat's whats happening around

here. i've seen it both sides. and anybody could guess i'm belong to those 'people'.

but that person don't even notice what's going on! hope i won't be dat kinda person.

i hope i'm not now!

Monday, August 25, 2003

Haircut day!! i went to My Fair Lady Salon...a typical chinese salon. a place i kept coming back to get a haircut. in a way...there's sense of comfort knowing dat my mom used to go there and the fact the owner already knew me plus the reeaaal's cheap!

time masuk as usual...aku hi to everyone. but there's a couple of chinese laydee...ask miss fong tuh 'tung yan' / 'malay yan'? huk aloh...bzbodinya. aku dengo jelah deme borak² until the topic revert back 2 me when shampoo lady block me with her big arse. fong asked her 2 move, but one of da customer snapped...biarlah bukannya dia paham amende. si fong tuh dah tersengih²...gritted her teeth saying 'sek teng gaaa'. rasa cam nak jerit jer..."i can heeeaaarr you!!!" but erm...i hate my haircut rite now. felt like schoolkiddo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

i've been OT this couple of days till 8. once i'm the only one left @ the office. Brani plak aku!....bunya fax jer sure aku terkejut badak. I loathe the book i'm working on so much! It's all equation and too mathematical. And I had to extend the deadline like almost 2 weeks now. *#(*&#@!!*

there's ekceli a very ez way to save pix from internet using mac. all this time punyala susah to get link yang end directly with jpg format, that's what someone showed to me, manually > save as. till today i accidentally drag pic from browser to desktop. hahahah sonang giler. no wonder all the slices are bubbles...terdrag sket it became doink! doink! even buttons can be drag out...but u got nothing lar. :D smakin cergas aku carik wallpaper! huhu!!!

i got 2 calls for an interview. one is at Subang. I made an appointment but in the end...i chose not to show up. transport prob and that darn math book! why must subang...haiyaaa. Next time tulih dlm add awal²...takyah apply. The other one...the contact person called home. My dad took her number but it turns out not in service. cheissss. cemana tuh?

What's with sasha's (elite) wedding reception in US? I received 5 same emails on the same day. Almost everybody freaking out when saw the pix. Whut? I was @ first....hehe but watch closely. It's not even a church. It's pergola! pergola in a garden. the arrangement with an aisle looks like church instantly. the mesg attached with the email wrote she's married as a christian. that's sounds like accusation to me. did she really? there's one man standing between them at the altar. could be her dad to hand her over or could be a priest? wallahualam. a scenario where a muslim malay couple bersanding atas buaian full of daun pisang. would it be called married as hindu?

Sunday, August 17, 2003

since notawk is back in biz...i'm moving back. but i still can't figure out with web1000. it goes weird when i log in. Got back from Mid valley. my first time entering Pets wonderland. thought of buying some fish. one aquarium leaves me with an open jaw. 3D panorama which cost RM9889. the landscape is breathtaking! and another aquarium...marine tank with some dory and nemo in it. heheh...almost all characters in nemo xcept jaws lar. spend hours in that shop, end up buying accesories for dad's new tank. lunch @ lil' penang...bought a couple of clothes. finally!

kak Ruby just delivered baby girl this afternoon. maybe i tag along nana to see her....maybe. Haila is flying to London sometimes in Sept. continuing her remote sensing. way to go!!! gonna miss her....blom pegi lagik, but really gonna miss her.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

now i know what happen to my blog...its the web1000. it vanished! puff...gone! there's nothing when you type's gone with all my archive pix. felt like i was being robbed. whooaaaa!!! pondok ayam betol la!!! mangkuk ayon! tipah tertipu! dengan hanya 50MB...tipah tertipu!

Saturday, August 9, 2003

rite now...bebudak yang plan nak gi JB is heading south. and me...stranded here. kejer lak tuh! takper 2moro free breakfast @ magic wok. Today is jaron last day. he's leaving and he's resignation letter cost a stir. hehe...way to go! dat's how it spose to be! balik aku heret dia pegi jln tar...nak carik pirates. peh tak sampai 2 minit aku nampak sorang mamat jinjit plastic itam. aku sampai, tinggal rangka meja jer. patah balik...2 policeman coming. phew!

2moro...i havta finish Barbados encyclopedia. Only managed to do revises up to alphabet P. Ten more to Z. book waiting, Young People, Sex and Media. Sorta compilation of scrapbook made by hi-school student about what they think of sex, and how they expressed it with paper cutting and experience in writing. The client did asked us wether we could handle this title, takut leh jadik sensitif lak. Tapik bos cina besaler....sumer bole, as long the money rolls in. hmmm. eyes are droopy. bye now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Cursing all day. Book list arrived today... KY dah sesibuk bagey hint. rasa nak hentak jer. ni yang aku nyampah kalo kejer deadline manjang cenggini. my fault pon ader gak...ari tuh aku amik cuti, pastuh mc, pastuh half day. gap dekat sangat. baru confirm dah banyak lak lalalala. but still...i hate it! gonna miss the third convo! and the konvoi! susah payah aku bentang proposal to my dad...alih² bos lak tak bagey. podaaa chitt! too bad i'll miss out to watch the grads smiling from ear to ear walking out from the hall and absolutely fac photo session! huuuuhuhuu!

Sunday, August 3, 2003

It's nice having the house all by myself once in a while. peaceful...i cancelled all my plans today, stayed @ home to gain back my sanity. if i lost it. Yesterday after work, stopped by at ais's house near University. Irma and Fadh were already there...sewing! wuhuuu...bersemangat blajo menjahit. Aku sampai trus sumer stop tok beri laluan aktiviti makan². Melantak tak ingat...ais masak ler katakan. Ptg sket kitaorang blah, aku balik, irma hogan and fadh gi pc fair.

Around 5, whole family make a move to Rudy's wedding @ Armada. We came earlier for rehearsal. The ballroom is very very nice. The seatings, pelamin...everything. But the food besa jer...flat taste. Nana and I jadik flower gurl..duh we're too ol for dat. Tukang bagey bunga pahar ekceli. Ni sumer last-minute plan. Sendiri-sendiri paham what should be done biler takder orang yang nak buat. Time renjis² the MC called up names by names. sumer pasangan husband and wife...sian bapak naik sensorang. Tapik takpelah he looks bright and happey.

During dinner, Adly been hinting me "Gerak Khas". I purposely ignore dat. Pastuh dia g cakap ngan mama dia, gerak khas. Aku la yang kena aper lagik...Acu, tlg pegi snap gambar. Cheissshhh not dat Yusof Haslam. Takder orang lain ker yang si adly ni nak minat. Nak gi dekat tapik segan...cemana tuh. Terpaksala heret Kingston, Nicky and Nicole soh teman Adly wpon diaorg x kenai Yusof Haslam apatah lagik Gerak Khas. Tapik Yusof Haslam seriously mmg ensem and well built. Thehehehe...i'm having dat 'older-man-syndrome' again for a few minutes. But his film is still in my most-suck-film list.

And then potong cake tingkat². Pastuh ader surprise cake for pengantin pompuan punyer burfday. Tatauler pompuan tuh tau ke idak and act surprise. or memang surprisingly surprise. Either way...she didn't show much reaction. COntrol ayu tak abis. Burink! Lastly amik gambo family. Slamat...sumer balik!

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Half day today. 1 sharp aku punch trus blah. Peh...nangis² aku tgk skrin ari nie. flu, cough, fever...i dunno why i even have the urge to wake up this morning. balik singgah jln tar...bought net for nana. balik telan panadol, trus peram till 6.30 p.m. bapak didn't wake me up to fetch didi...hehehe. so nice.

lalu jalan tar tadik cam burink jer. lost the touch of piracy. daaaa...i watched yesterday, 2 un-uniformed policemen stepped down from police car and headed towards the stall. baru jer konon² nak singgah on the way balik. cheisshh ilang source...but then sib baik i wasn't there holding the cd or something...tak pasal ngan aku skali kena cekup.

Izzit true that the almost-famous crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, died eaten by croc?

Monday, July 28, 2003

The kenduri yesterday was a boiling one! dahle tunggu bride kuar umah dengan lomah lombap. dia takperla ader payung. kitaorang kat blakang tadah peluh. ;) Tapik sengih le gak...kang kecik ati tuan rumah. VIPs gift is nice...

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Last nite went to Rudy's, my kazen, akad nikah. The ceremony took place @ Selayang. The setup kat umah pompuan tuh is nice, peach color. Tapik bukan hantaran kena balas then and there ker? takkan nak tunggu ari kenduri kot? ntahler aku bukannya reti sangat bab² nie. aunty Nora pon blur...mananya hantaran. Ari tuh arrangement lain nie dah jadik lain. Blah pompuan bagey reaon aper ntah aku maleh nak bzbody. Ari nie janganler soh aku ngangkut dulang antaran lagik...aku nak makan! pastuh cabut awal ngan bapak. Surely aku mabuk keta lagik ari nie coz jalan jauh. Balik flat :P
Does anyone know where i can find sites with clip-art...similar to or corbis? Anyone? Also...anyone yang leh design product?

Friday, July 25, 2003

Yesterday accompanied nana to Persatuan Usahanita meeting @ Holiday Villa. I came as her staff to run her booth. So pepagi sampai we all set up booths. We sell cakes, muffins and gifts. This society is meant for woman who have business only. Huhu...all the womans there was like wooww. Ader gak i came across yang typ². About 15 booths for dat day...ader yang jual bunga, kuih tradisional, slimming lotion, ribbons. haaa booth ribbon nie memang kelas. Something like crosstitch but embossed using ribbon. Very creative. One frame costs not less than RM400.

There's a press from Berita Harian asked me to model the gifts on the booth. erghh no no...i asked him to wait for the boss, slamat nana stroll in dadida. Dia trus take over posing² depan camera. Banyak giler snap mamat tuh amik. bes la plak. And then Karangkraf punyer cameraman pon ader snap our booth with nana holding the cakes. aku ngan maksu bantai gelak jer...cam² pesen. Suddenly ader sorang press pompuan nie approach gua. Siap tenung lagik...aih dia nie nak amik aku jadik cover magazine ker. It takes me a few minutes to recognize her...skali kak dee. Anod punya kakak. Thehehehe...aku penah satu kelas ngan dia time skolah agama dolu. pehh...jadik reporter lak dia skang.

And then ader la VIP lawat² booth, fashion show, hi-tea, etc. Slack satu jelah...function flow wasnt dat smooth. I think students yang handle formal function lagik better than tiz one. All in all it went quite okay. I did have some fun. Tak sesia aku amik cuti. Taaaaa!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

2moro is my day off! Weheee…but still havta wake up early doh! Going somewhere doing something for Nana which I have no idea yet how it’s gonna be like. Kit Yee signed my leave yesterday. And I haven’t tell Mazlan…buku dia ader 3 aku pegang…musti dia tensen. Kang bagitau awal²…dia musti huh? Biler dah bunyik huh, kang Kit Yee dengo tak pasal cuti gua kena reject.

Tadik buat buku Frowen: ED. It’s all letters, postcards and greeting cards text. Pening tgk format dia, susah giler nak layout! It’s based on true story…so all the letters is also real I guess. It’s quite interesting…about this Frowen guy met Prof. George Shackle. And they’ve been writing letters ever since till G. Shackle last breath. There’s also newscut on Frowen…now really old. Didn’t got the chance to finish reading it coz Hanim settle the last chapter.

There’s another book of Springer-Verlag on NexStar User’s Guide. Somekind of powerful telescope named NexStar. Tons of galaxie artwork and stats. Terms like nebulae la bagai and all sort of stars yang tak reti nak sebut. I was excited at first…but when too many light years, I lost count of the zeros. I just concentrated on layout…no more reading! Bluarghh!

Balik as usual tumpang Low sampai Bangsar. Ntah cemana lak ari nie aku leh cabut kepala pagar kat stesen lrt tuh. Sket punya baik aku paut kat tiang tuh, skali tercabut daaa. Sib baik keta Low tak move lagik, kot tak terlentang tgh jalan. Bersihler jugak keta dia yang 2 bulan tak cuci aku ‘lap’. Siot jer…menggelabah aku letak balik paler pagar yang ringannya tahap kotak kosong tuh b4 bebudak lain nampak. Skali Helen pusing…ches kantoi! Dah sorang gelak berjangkit kat yang lain. Strangers kat stu yang memula tak brani nak gelak pon join skali gelak. Kong hajo tol…..kalo tlg pasang takper gak. :P

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Got back from shopping spree with zect. Menghaban carik baju dia for convo. Finally jumpa gak yang dia berkenan di ati. In fact that's the only baju kebaya yang both of us agreed on. Hehehe...Mahal wooo! But anyway phase I mission - accomplished. (^o^)

Got home, ader two invitation waiting for me. One is an offer ekceli from Pustpatri. Ntah mana Centre ni dapat add aku ntah. It's a Skim Latihan Semula Graduan with RM500 elaun. The course they're offering is Safety Health Office or Welding and Inspection Technology. Ntahapahapantah! Passs....okay next is an invitation for 6B's reunion on da August 2nd. I never seen half of them for 11 years. Cam bes jumpe balik member lama...teringat balik muka sekoq² zaman lom hit puberty :D But everybody is staying around the same area, so they've used to bumped into each other. Me? Kang jadik rusa masuk kampung lak. Nak pegi tanak pegi...maybe I'll toss a coin on that day. Head means hit the party, tail means no no. Cam gitu...bole?

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Amazing Race

Finally Nancy and Emily kick butts! I'm happy for them...although they were eliminate coz they didn't follow de Tour. They've been so unlucky from the start. They wish to at least to beat Joe+Bill for once...and they did it! Joe+Bill as they claim a life partner (which means what...wazzit gay?) got the shortcut clue and so damn sure they are leading. Skalik diaorang sampai paling last daaa...padan muka. Sejibik cam citer kura² ngan arnab! Their stunt looks when they saw Nancy+Emily...i really had a good laugh! I already knew who the winner's the great looking rob and brennan! heheh...can't hardly wait till they finish the race.

Why can't I have it all in one week. GG is airing but Alias is taken off. *Vaughn is marrying someone else!* pthhh! I've to find something for Yan's wedding 2moro. Won't make it to her wedding since it falls on the same day as Rudy's wedding. Eila is getting engage. Wani is getting married. Looks like almost everyone have found their life-partner. It's like the Race. Either you ride a bus, train or cab. Who will get there first. I'm still hailing...?

Thursday, July 17, 2003

kalo bab² upload nie mulaler nak hangin! awat web1000 punyer ad penuh kiri kanan nie. camno nak buang! ih yeee....stick no bill here ya know! the thing is i'm getting suck at this. ('o')

i got my confirmation letter today. i'm a permanent expo staff now as grafix asst. but my JD is DTP Artist. kweng! kweng! kweng! diane is the only one who didn't get the confirmation yet. but she's very optimistic about it...that's what i like in her. And Wei Leong...confirmed as IT Exec...but still stuck in QC. Bengang jer mamat tuh. ;)
God...I felt awfully terrible after sending sms to a wrong person! *masuk bawah meja jap!* tskkk...sib baik tak kutuk ke aper ker agagaga...but still! it's horrible. matila aku besok. dia reply cam marah...tapik tak jugak. this is where i blame technology! budus...cemana leh teranto kat dia.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Meet up with susu today @ suria. had lunch...borak borak. and then we joined a long queue at rotiboy. The bakery yang famous with their specialties...rotiboy. i think dolu nama roti tuh lain...but now easily known as dat. dia baru bukak branch kat stu kot...either dat, aku kot yang lama tak gi suria. goshh...the smells is awesome. kalah bau coffee house. maybe crust dia mixed with biler bake, sedap giler bau. i heard branch dolu kedai nie had to limit 4 buns only per pax during lunch. sbb ramai sangat yang good business!

i just read ako's (the actor) blog. how could he wrote something so low bout her gurlfren. he thought dat if he wrote something bout her in complicated english, she wouldn't understand coz her english is atrocious? and yet he published it to the public...why? his gurl doesn't know how to use internet also ah? he did mentioned she was a very kampung gurl. then how did he fall for her...because of bods? looks with an empty head? chauvinist male!

Friday, July 11, 2003

Cordy is sleeping wit Connor? getting silly...i always get carried away watching dat idiot box. nothing much today xcept star rosak tgh jalan. short of voltage i guess...naik longgar kepala lutut aku berdiri. yang hampehnya...can't the 'driver' at least announce something rather than leave all the passenger clueless. hatta cakap technical problem skali's acceptable. nie tak...stgh jam not moving dia senyap jer kat depan tuh. microphone ader tanak guna. putra yang takder driver pon boleh kuarkan suara yasmin yusoff bagey announcement. eii haaiii...sabo jela

eila joined kit yee's team today. sian gak kat dia jadik cam bola ping pong jap tlg us, jap uk. dia cakap gak dia tak puas ati directly to alicia why it's not me should be doing what she's doing rite now coz she worked there for almost 2 years. cilako..aku lak yang dimentionnya. tapik btol gak aper dia cakap...aku pon nak tau naper. alicia said bla bla bla...(it's quite unfair ekceli), but i'm thankful she said that. (^o^)

Monday, July 7, 2003

*yawnn!* just reload jaring today. only now i can really online. what did i miss? a lot i guess. oh of my book is going to final. which means Macmillan is going to print and publish it back in Basingstoke. wuhuuu! my first finalize book, Regulating Financial Sector in Era of Globalization. Tuh dia....panjang tak panjang title tuh. :D i'm way excited!

Anyway my pc is having stomach ache i guess. there's growling sound from the CPU! and error: cannot write to drive C. whateva the heck does dat means? i know zero in computer maintenance. ergh...lantak stu! bio dolu! slagi ader pc lain dalam umah ni aku bley guna...also the counter in this site now showz 999. wonder who will hit the 1k! Tons of hugz and kisses!

i think Hulk is INCREDIBLY Boring. I dunno tapik mmg tabley masyuk dia punya stunt!! i know i never read hulk in comic version. but of the part i like in hulk is the multiple box transition. just like a comic. something differ, it's kewl. wanna watch How to Lose a guy in 10 days, Anger Management....tapik mano nak carik 'source' ? if sumer nak blasah movie, kopak ler. leak some info! where are all the pirates hiding? +++cheers to NTV7 for Dinotopia! Wuhuuuu...quite a long gap since 10th Kingdom, leprechaun, etc. Yak yak yay!

i'm also lack of good books these couple of weeks. Buku yang aku pinjam belas ihsan orang sumer pasal romance, romance, sex and sex. Ih yeee....burink! Lack of batteries. I don't get my daily dose of moosic. Lack of patience. Queuing, waiting for the damn bus, standing behind someone who's gawking around on the right side of escalator, Sarjeet testing out her volume, Tan breathing on my neck, and all the keypochi...yadaaa yaddaaa! Tarik napas....hembus! tariiikkk....hembus. *phew*
Last saturday...there was an accident in front of the opis. Sara's mother knocked a motorcycle which caused one of the cyclist flew (dat's how others described)....and landed bwh keta diaorang. time aku sampai...alih² dah ader orang terlentang kat bawah Unser. Poor Sara's mom...she's shaking badly.

Bab² eksiden nie cuma satu jelah yang paling aku ingat...wawa broke someone's leg! and i was sitting right beside her when the crash happened! eh...wawa? yuli yang tgh syiok² sms kat back seat jadik cam patung. biler teringat balik...lawak giler. tak masuk lagik...sequel accident tuh. accident is a nightmare ekceli. people laugh when nothing bad happen. as long as no serious damage...

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Stayed in the office till 3.30 p.m today. Kalo bole i wanna finish my work...but mazlan threw us out. Dah nak termuntah katanya. Besides...we're starving. I only had a bottle of plain water for breakfast and lotsa smint. mazlan dropped us at lrt, then me, helen and eila stopped at kl sentral for quick lunch. baru memasing boley senyum. heheh...

here's a couple of snap on sal's wedding courtesy of ewin and walad for gathering last week.

date: 7 june

venue: pandan something....can't remember

venue: nelayan, titiwangsa

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Caught in the flood today at Masjid Jamek. Air sampai paras leher. Sian keta yang parking kat tepi stu...floating nampak bumbung jer. and putra pack giler ngan orang. Bumped into Shida. and we decided to queue to climb the wall to get on the other side. Sumer main tolak jer...sesak napas aku. And then there's one Bangla guy, redah air, he raised his kain pelekat sampai nampak his balls...and definitely he did not wear any underwear. he did it on purpose...psycho maniac! Ekceli belah kanan m.jamek, the flood is lower, but i'm not risking myself getting into the water yang dah bercampur ngan air sungai. ntahapahapa ader kat dalam tuh.

and there i was climbing a wall tinggi tahap kuda...baru dapat masuk station star. star's staff is sucks. dahle black out. pastuh tak bagey masuk. dah macam sardin...dok cakap lrt tak jalan. bullz. yang lalu banyak kali tuh amende. dia dok kat bawah mana nampak...tak pegi check ker? bile orang jerit aderla bongok dia kater tuh standby tren. if standby naper ader passenger kat dalam? cipan btol la saja nak cause hectic...move your butt la dey! and then everybody seems to be more agresive...rempuh masuk free² jer. Aku naik atas baru nampak ader bot ulang alik belah kiri and cameraman everywhere. cam bes jer naik bot wpon star ngan putra sekangkang kera jer distance dia. tapik nak tunggu masak ler. arrived at home around 9. what a nite...

dahler satu ari bengang ngan sarjeet. penat ler marah² nie. tapik nak marah gak. sarjeet delayed everyone's book yang due ari ni because of that copy editing matter. gila kuasa ler pompuan nie. just one email from client dah kecoh bagai nak rak, marah² diane coz miscommunication. ke hulu ke hilir ngan email tuh....sket² stop kat meja aku. dahler aku cam partner dia tok c.e nie. dia proof read, aku layout. isss tak kuasa. bole dia sound soh aku buat buku EMCD dolu before anything else...buku tuh due LATER...settle la yang TODAY punyer. aku membebel²...dia lagi boleh pat my back..."you kena buat nie dolu sayang" chittt porrah! cakap manja ngan aku konon. blargh! kang buku tak kluar saper yang kena marah....controller jugak. first in first out maaa...bukan sukati you jer. ihhh yeee!

Friday, June 6, 2003

Martha Stewart charged with securites fraud?

The headline made me go 'what?' Her name doesn't sounds like a person to get caught with lawsuit. She was charged with lying to authorities and making false statements.

With all her mesmerizing design in decor, bouquets, tak kena. but everybody have the devils own.

at least she left her claw in the industry. it's like when u go shopping for home decor, u request a color like 'martha' instead of opt for more plain words like pastel or soft colors. even i will say, if i have house on my own i want it to look something close to martha stewart's.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

There are certain points in my life i will get very pissed at someone for every reasons. And i chose silence. But when I passed that point I love that person much more. I've been thru this bad hormones many times. But that's just me hyprocrite if you want. But sometimes i'm tired of trying to please everyone around me. I tried but can't do it all the time... And that is why sometimes i shut off myself and be ignorance. I'm trying to balance here but I don't even have time for myself. Kejer pressure, balik rumah pon pressure coz everything seems demand my attention which i have to do it in remaining hours of my day. Tinggal weekend jer bole spend time kat umah or friends. Other people won't understand what i'm going thru because nobody lead the same life. Even my sister having trouble to understand me. But so far, she's the best. So don't expect me to do the same. I have set my priority in life. Family comes first especially my dad. Second myself. Third friends. So nak marah ker, majuk ker, aper ker...i don't give a damn. I'm frustrated but...ley siong ngo tim yong? there's always reason for every slack.

When ma' friends says run...i ran for the sake of fun in winning and losing. Eventually, i get tired. And i'll stop running. But i'll run again when i'm ready. Don't push me. But if that friend chose to run faster and leave me behind...nak wat camno? Aku penat maa..if larat aku kejo ler balik. In spite of all this crap i'm saying..i dunno. Maybe aku tgh srabut skang...or maybe i'm just plain mad at someone.

Monday, June 2, 2003

Last nite I tag along nana to watch Finding Nemo.... ...of all the characters i like Sea Turtle, Crush. Peace dude! Unlike Monsters Inc, which was blindly imagination. Pixars is awesome. Hey...think i've heard a fly buzzing in here. Where in the f**cking holes did it come from? I hate flies...

Saturday, May 31, 2003

Herreeee...Didn't get the chance to shout out! OT tak sempat nak online. Bout the PTD test 2 days ago, it was ok...although i didn't know what the heck to answer. Bumped into Gee, Zureen, Basyeer, and member skolah Rohaza, Azna, Fiza. It's great, pick up latest news bout each other. Peksa tuh makan masa sampai petang...and it consist of 5 papers with break in between. Maths question is not that horrible, but too bad, not much time provided. The general questions is killer one. There's bout NAM, Commonwealth, Perjanjian tuh perjanjian nie. Huarghhh....Blasah! Ngantuk toksah cakapler, dahler dalam ballroom...sah² lampu oren. Alahaiii....malap jer aku tgk soklan.

During the test there's one big guy sat next to me. It's not s'pose to be his seat...coz sticker ctu nama pompuan. But the thing is he kept mumbling and humming to himself thru the test which is very annoying.

While on the way back, dalam bas, one guy chose to sat next to me of all EMPTY seats. Duduk² jer dah setat mengayat, cakap dekat² lak tuh...ewww that is so not in! freak, what was he thinking, i'll give him my number in the next 5 minutes? i was like shit...cemana nak kuar nie. nyesal tak dok belah aisle. luckily he made way...the reason why Malaysian don't fall into conversation easily with too friendly stranger is maybe because 'some' may look like erm...'not too friendly'? This is where 'Judging Book by its Cover' apply. Cruel but thats the facts. Ladies have right to be suspicious with any stranger. Good looking or not...but I have warning bulb in my head "alert! alert!".

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I have only one day to finish copy-editing DJ cause i'm gonna take 'mc' on thursday. Wth so many books coming in, surely my leave will be reject. Eila is taking MC too on the same day coz she have an appointment with her doc. That's just leave Hanim menggelabah sensorang. Sian la plak...but i'm not telling anyone in the office.!

Hereee Zetty. Go on pat her back. :D

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I'm going to sit for a PTD test next week. wachaaa! bear in mind....

Date: 29/5

Time: 9-9.45 a.m

Venue: Hotel de Palma, Ampang

There's maths, essays....bring pencil, pen, ic, and the letter. Baca current issue, practise equation...naah!

I'm working on layout for novel: Dancing Nude in the Moonlight. It's s'pose to be easy, but i took longer time to finish it coz i've been reading it. Bengang jer Sarjeet. Sib ah...dah nama buku citer, sambil nyelam minum air. I like the title, but it means nothing bah. Unlike the other one, Mighty Lewd Books. Haaa tiz one, menggelabah jer buat. It's about erotic vs pornography. Agagaga...banyak a/work, macam² position! Nak selak page pon naik segan. Hishhh...but then the book is not available here. ;)

Saturday, May 17, 2003

The most suck current ad is Rejoice Shampoo. :> *cringe!*

a guy came in, "hey saya dapat tawaran ke luar negeri...tapi 2 tahun"

and the girl slowly (and i mean really slow) turn away, "pergilah, kalau tidak kamu akan menyesal"

and the guy stroke the girls hair "tapi sblom tuh sudikah berkawin dengan saya?"

both embrace in a hug...sheesh!

what's hair got to do with the damn whole thing? bullz...and the girl looks pale and sick. nak gerak kepala pon cam tak larat...nak maintain rambut i guess. bak kater zect pompuan sakit yang berambut cantik. the most enjoyable ad rite now is certainly TV3, the series for romance. That woman is hilarious, and the way she blocked Rosalinda out of if Fernando Jose looking at her :D creative!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I have 2 books due for today. I only managed to send one. The other one, TIDEC dah siap but QC lambat marked. So...havta delay after cuti. that's just add 2 more books which i havta release on friday and 1 on saturday. biler masanya nak wat? errghh...tight deadlines means more wrinkles!

But anyway tomorrow is holiday! and also the day after. wuhuu....tengkiu! tengkiu Malaysia. agagaga :D

Sunday, May 11, 2003

I've been looking for telenovelas theme song. finally found one telenovela mp3. Nana's out today celebrating mother's day at her sister in law's house. they all have small kids so its kinda play date for the kids and celebrate themselves for being a mother ;). Wonder when i become a mother would i be celebrating mother's day with my sista? hehe...surely her kids dah grown up by then.

Happy Mother's Day to my late mother. You're always in my heart, every heartbeat. I can't express my love for you least physically, but all i could do is say my prayer for you. Thank you for being my mother for the past 21 years. I love you.
I just read the FSKSM Yahoo Groups. Kena lak timing they discussed bout multi level marketing omegatrend, as i was approached by the twins for amway. One of the responders said sometimes MLM is not gonna work because of -ve perspective. that's exactly how i feel maybe because i'm not interested. some believe they can make money by doing this. and it's true ader yang dah succeed. it's actually a very good opportunity to grab but not at the moment. Coz somehow it's a matter of interest and commitment. Therefore, i have to turn down the offer. Which i haven't done it yet....
The twins came over the other day. They were proposing a marketing biz, network 21, a project under Amway. sounds like pyramid scheme to me. After the meeting, i'd actually discover a part of what I like to do.

They asked me what exactly do I want in life? Traveling, better standard of living, my case I wish I have more time with Bapak but at the same time enjoying my work with good income. But the main point is I can't commit with this kind of networking biz. Havta meet client, attend meetings, talks or function which I havta pay for it....It takes times and efforts but i'm one helluva lazy bum. I'm suck in convincing people, or explain even one simple process without stumbling a word. I'm still juggling with my career, and some will said i'll work like a slave, up till when? Even nana asked me the very same question...but back then i dunno what to answer and I chose to ignore. But now i think i have one.

I work berra with machine than with human. I rather meet up with sifu or master in something in my interest area rather than potential client and sell myself even though that’s what I have to do to be a freelancer and I definitely prefer to work on project basis. At this age I'm willing to do any job offering me doing what I like although the pay is low and damn far. And when the project is complete it's like I can sit back and say "..aah, i did that!". That's what I like and that is why i keep on doing it.

Boredom will come around. But I'll think about it when the time comes for I have few options.

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Went to Bangsar to have lunch, stopped at APW on the way. Then board Putra turun kat M. Jamek. Naik Star turun kat Plaza Rakyat. Just one station, I could've walk...but did dat on purpose...coz i wanna use the monthly pass to the fullest. *wink!* Walked to S&M. Hectic along the way as always.

The mission is to find Mashi Moro. Which I'm having trouble finding one in small type not the fluffy. Tanya sales asst...sumer kater tarak. Lazy bone! Tanya other customer, this chinese girl happily pointed out Mashi Moro one after another. I didn't know Mashi Moro have other colour besides white! And Emporium Mydin already starts operating at Sinar Kota which used to be MetroJaya. It really draw a crowd! Where there's a crowd it drives me away. Nak masuk pon horror...but everybody seems so happy shopping at Mydin. Sesak pon takper...plastic bag kiri kanan. Hmmm....

p.s:Why in the world TV2 replaced Roswell with Felicity? Zaman biler punya citer daaa...that is sooo out! And Charmed, finally is back on screen. But I hate their next kin though....what's-her-name? Think I already watched at TCS5...Still remember kroni tgk Charmed, me, Pizet ngan Wawa vs Jack n Jill (Rock, Rina and me again)...Same time different channels. Sib baik de 2 tv kat umah tuh pon fight who gets the big tv with 2 color or smaller tv with RGB color. :D

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Backstabber! If you ever do this mistake again...i'm gonna be so strict and confirm. Because the mistakes reflects on me...i'm the one who did it although you the one directs me. Just another political move...fine by me! We'll play again...

Tommorrow 1st of May...Labour day. I'll be celebrating my first labour day. Nyehahaha. Still have 1 month to escape from Expo. 1 day notice and thats it. Instead I'm still taking my own sweet time savouring everything, rite from morning routine, frenz, hang-out. Biler nak setat balik carik kejer lain? Should i plan to stay at least one year? I don't even have time to think for myself now...skang asyik² budget, budget, budget. When i tried hard...i doze off. As if no life, no soul. I hate working.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Roswell end the series today. Time climax tuh aku tgk ngan penuh emosional....agagaga. but then ending cam 'eesshh' sket. I was expecting some combined powers like Power Rangers or something instead they leave the scene with a clean exit. Chesh....and how they leave their family behind for something they're not sure? Living on the road? hmm...dah nama pon citer. blasah jerla. the theme song 'here with me' still gimme dat eerie feeling. silly but that's what happen when you're hooked up with some series. like twilight zone soundtrack...heheh :D

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I think Roswell is gonna end next week. Uuuhhh...i need more. Their storyline is they compile it up and make it fall into senses. Lawak the FBI who hunts them just like in x-files. and how max's baby arrived in the pod similar to superman series. And now there's scrubs added in the list. Just can't let go the title yet...potato couch in-the-house.

I wish the tv rerun Strictly Ballroom. It's been a long time since I watch....Pasadoble? The soundtrack is great...Love is in the is in the air....woooowwowoooo.....Hmmm....Incredile Hulk is coming into town. Wazzit next month? Or wazzit Matrix Reloaded? Huh? huh? isk burinknya. Jap gi kena gi bday party Arissa....alahai malehnya.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Gabak last day today. Sedey la plak dia nak blah. Takder dah member sblah nak share² junk food, bertekak, tompang balik and loud music! Isk...lepas nie dengo Hanim nyer lagu BSB ngan westlife jelah gamaknya. Yuck...Hapsal Mac aku takder speaker? Cis!

They were planning to go to Karaoke 2moro...sorta like farewell partee. Don't feel like going, too many excuses. Kat orang nie aku bg excuse lain, yang lagik sorang aku terbagey excuse lain. Cakap jelah 'NO' hapa susah! Susah ker sebut NO? NO thank you, i don't like karaoke. haa there u go!

Anyway how in the world to gain back my fingerprint? IC and KWSP sumer kena reject because i don't have a fingerprint. I bought Vaseline as advised by a pharmacist. Till now...naddaaa!

Notes: Thanx a million ewin for the troubleshooting! *soul smile sheepishly*

Monday, April 14, 2003

Just now I was digging my mom's closet. Looking for something that I can wear. Instead...I was sniffing each clothes trying to remember how she used to smell. Maybe tomorrow i'll try to find again what i'm looking for.

Today Expo havoc. abg Khairul who resigned last Friday sent his last job book to US client with an extra page which wrote "No blood for oil"! Siap ngan gambo bom lagik!Wuish...Tatauler dia xtreme pasal Iraq-US or dia nak pay revenge kat Expo. And of course la the Americans sensitip ayat² cenggitu. Saner mengamuk...sini pon amok ler. Everybody was so suprised with his actions whether he did it on purpose or accidentally the last page slipped in the parcel. But sumer tersengih padan muka Alicia mengglabah. But then I think abg Khairul tak pikir panjang. That such statement with the war's happening, he could be sued. Maybe satisfaction is what he's looking for. 7 years kejer kat stu habuk pon tarak.'s pay back time.

p.s:I like what Erhan wrote bout war..interpret it like Counterstrike? hehe and the quote he quoted from AlGhazali.

Monday, March 31, 2003

I got 4 new books today which due this Saturday. Giler ah ding dong....Right from the beginning settle marked new proofs, masuk QC, check, print, packing list, and packed to DHL, kira weight, print barcode and everything. Tsk....nak cuak tanak?

Friday, March 28, 2003

abg Yan gimme one whole set of book for me to handle today. 'Acute Stroke Treatment'--22 chapter hundreds of pages. Ergh...buku medic lagik. Tgk Hanim buat buku budak² cam bes jer...kalerpul! Yesterday baru abihkan buat tables. Juling bijik mata wat alignment. Pthhh...

just open RHB account. now tunggu duit masuk jer....lambatnya lagik gaji nak masuk. dok pinjam duit bapak lagik...tsk malu! tapik tambang lrt takdak camno? talk about lrt....i'm became fond with the environment (only in the morning though). The scents of fresh air, grass...very comforting. I like Putra most. It's a crowd but less noise especially handphones. yelah saper nak calling² pepagi buta. A few faces, yang aku dah familiar...yang nak catch up train me.

Nak ilangkan ngantuk, besaler, observe people...what they wear, what do they read, what they chat about, what are they holding...artwork, notebook, walkman, where they choose to stand, which door they board. It tells a lot... :D

Happy Burfday to TO'AD and RINA. Happy burfday to you....happy birthday to you.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Alicia kept her promise to transfer me to Layout Team. I worked under Abg Yan now. He's cool and smells good. Har har har! He's so much like Mr.B, the way he taught me step by step and crystal clear. The way dia arrange window² dengan cermatnya. All the small things...feels like i'm back in Sirim doing Industrial Training. The good thing is i'm comfortable with him. Not like Sarjeet...ewww horror!

The best of all is, I finally seat in front of G4 iMac and actually using it! Wuhuuu...dat machine is so beautiful. Bit by bit i'm learning all the publishing terms. Proof read, Stage 2, Revises...bla bla bla. They use QuarkExpress 4.1 here. Wokey...gotta sleep now. Tomorrow work! work! work!

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Whatta day. Arrived from JB yesterday evening. And today back at work :( . On Thursday nite we all gathered at Petronas TTDI to start the journey. Wawa picked me up @ the cafe. Then fetch Din and Mat at Kelana Jaya LRT. Rina + atuk fetch Zet. Renee...umah dia paling dekat ngan petronas takyah kutip sesapa. hehe. So we crawl into the nite...starving. Stopped at Somban mencekik. Around 1am arrived in JB. Sian aishah tak tidoq tunggu rombongan 'anak che kiah'.

Friday went for rehearsal. Then line-up in the 'death queue' just to make sure the photos send to my house. Pegi mencekik @ Sedap Corner. Balik mengulor a couple of hours then get ready for girls night out. Went to City Square, catch a movie Darkness Fall about hantu gigi. Pi sana pi sini blah from CS then lepak @ Pelitra. Balik...hire Zet as seamstress to pin my robe. Keh keh...real talent.

Saturday morning, first session of Convo. Cheers to Yuli, Rock, Lela, Roha, Din, Ezham, Ika, Siong, etc. Then go makan @ Sri Meranti balik tidoq. Around 4 Bapak and the rest arrived trus check in @ Sofitel, Senai. Meet em there, nice hote. Had dinner at Sayyam, Stulang. Balik stopped at wawa's room to get my stuff. Naik bilik tidoq. Tomorrow's the big day.

8.15 meet wawa @ the lobby then straight to bilik Aida. Exchange robe. Cong ceng cong ceng...rush to umah Aishah. I took a shower for the 2nd time...lack of stuff back @ hotel. get ready calit here and there. Pi studio posing², then drive back to bilik aida. Last touch...then we all move to SUB to register. Time tuh peluh berbaldi². After register posing² lagik with the family in front of HEP. Azali called, dia dah on the way back to KL. Tak sempat gua nak claim bunga, amik² gambo. Huh ngelat ler tuh. Agagaga. Bumped into Renee yang dah slamat naik in session 2, and Des all the way from his workplace Terengganu....he's rite he really put on weight. Kena tulah ler tuh...slalu lagik wat lawak psl aku. Nyehahahaha

1.30, queue again nak masuk dewan. No naik-735 ;) Then walked into DSI. Seated...the ritual, noo...the ceremony starts. Queue again for the last time in my entire 4++ years life in Skudai Campus. Walked up on the stage, bow and there you go an empty album. :D

Thank you so much to Zetty for being the best assistance for everyone yang convo dat evening. Al segala mak nenek dia pegang...rite from keta, kunci, paperbag, wallet...sumer² la. Aishah for her hospitality during our stay at her house. Teez for coming and driving 'alone'. hehe.

Too bad Fadh and Ielah can't make it. Kalo tak lengkap sumer Geesix. And kewlest housemates, Pizet(tukang touch up), Yulie(tukang bagi semangat), Rock (tq pinjamkan jubah), Zaza(straight from Somban), Lela(asereje), Roha(congrats dpt medal), Aida(default room hostess). Rawkkk on! Thank you all for coming and for the presents! Thank you, thank you sooo much.
Whatta day. Arrived from JB yesterday evening. And today back at work :( . On Thursday nite we all gathered at Petronas TTDI to start the journey. Wawa picked me up @ the cafe. Then fetch Din and Mat at Kelana Jaya LRT. Rina + atuk fetch Zet. Renee...umah dia paling dekat ngan petronas takyah kutip sesapa. hehe. So we crawl into the nite...starving. Stopped at Somban mencekik. Around 1am arrived in JB. Sian aishah tak tidoq tunggu rombongan 'anak che kiah'.

Friday went for rehearsal. Then line-up in the 'death queue' just to make sure the photos send to my house. Pegi mencekik @ Sedap Corner. Balik mengulor a couple of hours then get ready for girls night out. Went to City Square, catch a movie Darkness Fall about hantu gigi. Pi sana pi sini blah from CS then lepak @ Pelitra. Balik...hire Zet as seamstress to pin my robe. Keh keh...real talent.

Saturday morning, first session of Convo. Cheers to Yuli, Rock, Lela, Roha, Din, Ezham, Ika, Siong, etc. Then go makan @ Sri Meranti balik tidoq. Around 4 Bapak and the rest arrived trus check in @ Sofitel, Senai. Meet em there, nice hote. Had dinner at Sayyam, Stulang. Balik stopped at wawa's room to get my stuff. Naik bilik tidoq. Tomorrow's the big day.

8.15 meet wawa @ the lobby then straight to bilik Aida. Exchange robe. Cong ceng cong ceng...rush to umah Aishah. I took a shower for the 2nd time...lack of stuff back @ hotel. get ready calit here and there. Pi studio posing², then drive back to bilik aida. Last touch...then we all move to SUB to register. Time tuh peluh berbaldi². After register posing² lagik with the family in front of HEP. Azali called, dia dah on the way back to KL. Tak sempat gua nak claim bunga, amik² gambo. Huh ngelat ler tuh. Agagaga. Bumped into Renee yang dah slamat naik in session 2, and Des all the way from his workplace Terengganu....he's rite he really put on weight. Kena tulah ler tuh...slalu lagik wat lawak psl aku. Nyehahahaha

1.30, queue again nak masuk dewan. No naik-735 ;) Then walked into DSI. Seated...the ritual, noo...the ceremony starts. Queue again for the last time in my entire 4++ years life in Skudai Campus. Walked up on the stage, bow and there you go an empty album. :D

Thank you so much to Zetty for being the best assistance for everyone yang convo dat evening. Al segala mak nenek dia pegang...rite from keta, kunci, paperbag, wallet...sumer² la. Aishah for her hospitality during our stay at her house. Teez for coming and driving 'alone'. hehe. Too bad Fadh and Ielah can't make it. Kalo tak lengkap sumer Geesix. And kewlest housemates, Pizet(tukang touch up), Yulie(tukang bagi semangat), Rock (tq pinjamkan jubah), Zaza(straight from Somban), Lela(asereje), Roha(congrats dpt medal), Aida(default room hostess). Rawkkk on! Thank you all for coming and for the presents! Thank you, thank you sooo much.

We all had dinner @ Pelitra. Balik kuar balik gi Pesta Convo. Drag my sore feet along the stalls. On the way home jupe Tiaq+Bahaq. Tq for the flower guys! And then Ivin, abd Zul, Zack joined for a while. Dolu² aku suke gile kat Ivin heheh...till he changed into tahpaper, naaah . But now he got back that clean innocent image. Kiut! He's going to German for 6 years. Besnyer!

Last day in JB, packed stuff (ader gak yang tertinggal! :P). Bye bye Aishah. Sham + Yule called soh joined photo session @ Tasik. Then returned jubah. Gi Fac, fetch Walad, joined keta Tiaq @ Shell. Off we go to KL. Ponat eden.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

My first day @ work. Kuar umah kol 6 pagi...orang tgh syiok tidoq lagik. tskkk! Board lrt till Taman bahagia and wait for feeder bus. If it wasn't the feeder bus problem I could get out from the house lil bit late. So there I was 7.30a.m on the sidewalk of Damansara Jaya. Luckily it's next to Atria, any place of work near a shopping complex can make me half happy.

Expo own all the three floors. The place would be bigger and more comfortable if they didn't have the hidden stairs. It's like walking in an attics with many doors. Made friends with Melissa, Poh Ching from QC, Hanim from Publishing and Azlan with his gang. And Red Alert for Sharon! Dunno what's wrong with me today. I didn't asked much question xcept for my work. Just layan apa diaorang cakap. Bad very bad attitude! I'll nosy around tommorrow....maybe it's the trip to work influenced my mood.

The job description for now is what they call Editorial Marking. I read hundred of pages Medic Book today. Think I could sit for gynae exam in couple of months :D. All the disease and drugs terms which I hardly know how to pronounce it. Off now...I'm having a headache. And tommorrow I have to wake at 5.30 in the morning AGAIN!

Sunday, March 2, 2003

I have an interview this Monday @ Damansara Jaya. Appointment at 3p.m with Miss Alicia or Alisya or whateva. Oh nooo...mengepit la lagik clear holder tuh kehulu kehilir. It's like a neon blazing sign..."Interview me!...I'm desperate for a job", which actually I am! Ptthhh...

Friday, February 28, 2003

How do you spend entire day (everyday) as a jobless person? Watch the idiot box and CDssss...if only there's post as potato couch. I'll be the most successful top notch laydeh! Today, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (sweet one...), Nine Girls and a Ghost (I fell in love with the ghost), 8-mile (whadda...yaya) and not to mention Stuart Little 2 over and over again. Thanx to Adly, I know the dialogue by heart now. **ck lil birdie voice-over Melanie Griffith. I need more books. But I'm totally broke. So forget The Book Chest. Might as well return the book to get my money back.

Here's Edison Chen (the 'ghost' in 9G1G) Cute eh?

Saturday, February 22, 2003

I run Formaggie today with Sham, nana took a day off to PD. Quite ok…exclude the part I spilled one whole vege pasta sauce ;) Nak balik jalan sumer jammed! KL banjir…pokok tumbang, Sg Kerayong melimpah². Bomba nak lalu pon sangkut…with the siren and announcement asking drivers to pull aside is a waste. The road is packed no one could move. Arrived home…umah banjir la plak. Unbelievable! Sib baik kat hall tgh jer tuh pon dah cukup bagey penat. Well I’m stink, sticky, and my feet sore.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

The interview with Eric went quite ok even though I was a lil bit awkward. He was 30 minutes late. He talked and talked but never make eye contact. Stern, tight face :-| As i see it, he judged people by character not by the paper. So possibly my zero knowledge is okay with him. He's hiring a person to play with autocad. Which is okay with me if he give me sometimes to explore....I dunno if this is what i want or am i desperate for a job. But exposure would be good though. We'll see...
I just realized that i don't have the exact form that need to be send back to utm. Luckily wawa brought the number along this morning. Spoke to Mr. Muzakir...sounds friendly and helpful thru the phone. I explained bla bla and he bla bla...said it's weird how they got mixed up coz they have QC on that. much for QC, borang questionaire sampai 2 set. Havta to follow up with him what will he do with the rest of the form. Mail it or fill in later. The main one has been fax over. *Still sighing*

Tommorow an interview with Eric Oh. Informal or formal? Hmm..he said he wants to meet up at McD, Jusco. Of all the places...Starbucks, Secret Recipe but he chose the

noisiest of all.

Monday, February 17, 2003

oooh UTM did it again...stoopid time schedule! Blarghh!! I missed one family member and I can't afford if the other 2 cannot make it. Like people said, three is a family. It's a big deal for me. Not the scroll nor the robe or whateva the heck is...but my little family. I kept hearing this little voice inside my head. some comment, no matter how carelessly voiced in the first instance, can stick with you for a lifetime?

Friday, February 14, 2003

I think I have the standard disease of the decade. I know I want something but I don't really know exactly what dat something is. Something better? Something different? Yep definitely something bigger. Some guyz could just be sooo typical makes me wanna puke. Maybe it's him...maybe it's me. But there shouldn't be no maybes anymore...shit on me.

Yet I'm beginning to feel marvellously brave and liberated again. Ready to throw off the shackles of boredom and compliance to convention and head for freedom. At least I think I feel dat way. And ooh...Happy Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Slamat Hari Raya AidilAdha :-)

Monday, February 10, 2003

Idiot Box

I think Clark Kent in Smallville is one helluva depressed boy. Lana Lang is beautiful and Bald Luthor is kewl. Alias is coming up..which seems like forever to hit the shore after s'pore aired it. Wonder if the supranos will ever be on air here. Maybe the cabel have...i dunno. Marvel-to-movie Daredevil coming up starring Ben Affleck. Can't imagine him walkin around in tight suits. It's a must watch movie! heh.

The tv is getting more and more like shit these days. As if they never had enuff ads already between the hour. After the age of resizing the screen where half of it conquered by the ad now they put on a pop up ad during the show. Either blocking by the head or pee-pee under. Its' sickening...when that lil darn thing keep poking out swirling left to right right to left. Didn't they know the art of watching the idiot box without distraction?

"I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me. I quote John Lennon. He was the walrus. I could be the walrus, but i'd still have to bum rides off people." -Ferris Beuller-

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Quarter Life Crisis

I’m having a quarter life crisis! What a 22 year ol person would do at this point of life? Wish someone could list out the duties I have to carry out this year. But that would be boring ayt? Sometimes I just need people to tell me what to do. So that I won’t make any stupid mistakes.

Can’t believe bapak pointed out an idea what should be done in next couple of years. It didn’t sound like a suggestion at all…more like command. He never do that! Maybe he thinks I’m getting reckless now, immature, irresponsible bla bla bla. That’s what I think. But thanx for reminding me to focus on long term. But what you proposed…I can’t imagine myself doing it. It’s damn important, I know…but NOOOOO!

One decision will effect the others. So can’t simply make one that’ll pissed-off everybody. What the heck do I want for myself actually?

Sunday, February 2, 2003

CNY 2003

The dinner was ok. Yee cheong said I put on weight…oh swell! Joke of the nite...Mandarin Orange. I even have the sms version. Bad very bad! ;) Question of the nite…”Have u start working?” Erghh…burink! Burink! Yee sang is out of the menu. Sheesh. Havta go for pai lin first. Naaah…I’ll get one myself. Everybody is being generous. And of course ang paw…wuhuuu. Just hand it over to me no questions ask.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Stained Glass Studio

I worked in the Stained Glass Studio for 2 weeks now. Practically I worked with diamonds. Haha...since only diamond can cut glass. Some glass rules. If you could just notice...somewhere on the cutter...hmmm.

Rob + k.Eta taught me to cut the glass. But I hate it, always end up cutting in the wrong direction...and then there's grinding machine bunyi cam parut kelapa. This part is kinda ok but could easily cut yourself on the finger.

This is where I always come in. Foiling. The most easiest. I still look at all finished foiled glasses with same feeling till now...chocolate bars. Especially pieces yang dark² color. Ringan jer tangan nak amik makan...

Etching process. Enjoy doing this very much. Tacky but beautiful results.

The almost whole process will turns out like this. Nice eh!

And oh...I also fold boxes. Cam minah kilang pon ader. Lurve this a.e.i.o.u boxes!

Wokey wishing everybadeh Happy Chinese New Year. Kong Hei Fatt Choy. Have a prosperous year. Craving for yee sang now...hope they have a box reserved for me. And make a wish...a bf? Heheh...*wink*

Sunday, January 26, 2003

I got the job!

Mr Jalil from Pintar Media called me... and I got the job! Graphic Designer. Ptthhh....felt quite bad turning down my first job. Menolak tuah ker aku nie? tsk tsk. I could probably start working this Monday. Meet other staff...yang sumer ensem² blako. Having lunch at Gazebo. Might be driving my new car. Yeah yeah....yeh rite. Looks like i'm stuck with Stained Glass Studio at the moment. Foil the pieces sampai juling bijik mata.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Happy Burfday to Irma Jasmin, Zetty Izani, Kak Sofea and comin up Yulie! All the January gurls. Hahaha.

Interview experience

The interview was ok. 30 minutes writing test and 40 minutes interview. The company, Pintar Media is doing project for Kementerian Pendidikan. Science syllabus for standard 1 and Form 1 students. A totally hardcore Flash! Image tracing and texture, everything uses Flash.

He’s willing to give the opportunity, but then doubts crossed my face when he said havta work 7 days a week till night. And no overtime charge. O oh! My brain calculated like krayzee. If I get a car as promised from Bapak, RM400 per month, tol and gas RM300 per month, and rental if I moved to Subang Jaya. Too much. If I got the job I have to turned it down, and if I don’t it’s a swell experience.

During the test there’s this one question CMYK. Cyan Magenta Yellow and what? I sms wawa she also have no idea what color is K for. I sms Inot she said ntah gak. Hampeh tol! When I said I’m doing a test then she go for all the trouble to find out…with all her officemate. Hahaha! It turns out…Black. Who would’ve remember? Thanx a lot Inot! In the waiting room I’ve met Feisal. He came for 2nd interview. He then waited for me downstairs nak ajak minum. I gotta go so he asked for my e-mail. Fine lar…then mintak for phone number plak. Arghhh serabut.

Friday, January 24, 2003

First job interview

My first job interview today at Subang Square! Erghh I hate interview. U sit there and let a couple of peeps shoot you tons of questions and judge you. But that’s how it works. *sigh*. The place is quite far but looks nice…went there last nite to check out the route. Tol pegi balik RM6. Unbelievable.

Okay let’s see factoids on how to give a good impression in the first 3 minutes. Shove this to the brain. Like people say first impression always count.

1. Dress up neat (iron what need to be ironed) and wear what’s appropriate for the ocassion or venue.
2. Don’t overdo the makeup or compensate a lack of personality with flashy accessories.
3. Look friendly with a ready smile.
4. Always have a firm handshake. Don’t offer a dead fish for a hand or crush the other person’s bones with a death grip.
5. Posture is important. Don’t slouch but don’t look like you are tied to a tree either.
6. Look people in the eye when you speak.
7. Be yourself and believe in yourself, because confidence shows.

Thursday, January 23, 2003


yadda yadda! testing? where all the entries go?

Friday, January 17, 2003


Rob brought up an issue dat all Malay woman always get pregnant after 2 months of marriage. He said it’s the culture, the woman felt an obligation to get pregnant as soon after married. Is this true? No...well yeah maybe to some but I disagree on the culture part. Izzit when half of population have a same opinion and practice it, it’s called culture.

He pointed out that Malay woman thinks dat having kids is going to secure the marriage. It’s not! Not when you just got married. Why rush? This also apply to the partner. No family or financial planning. They even compete with friends who have the most kids. And the rival sentence is like “laaa…anak ko dua jer?”

He just laughed and laughed and shake his head bout this whole culture thing. Aku tampo jugak mamat ni kang! Later, his Malay parent-in law gave a surprise visit to the studio and he looked so dumbfounded. Hmm…that’s just add up Malay Culture who likes to pay a visit without informing the host. Har har har…izznit fun?

Saturday, January 11, 2003

This hosting is offering forum space...@ the end of the url. Which is quite nice. But still have no idea what to do with it yet. Leave it there. >>

Wew...use perl tuh! Hate perl. Gives me headache. Ingat lagik class Razak Samingan aka Ajai. Forced everyone to use Perl in last project. Score like shit :P. Why he did dat? Because he hates PHP (ekceli don't know much bout PHP...he admit it) or because he so damn good in Perl? Hahah aper pon itu sumer kenangan. But TQ for gave me an A! Wuhuuu :D
Went to Midvalley to watch the a2dc cast. Wohooo it’s all worth it. Nicholas Saputra makes his grand appearance with a blush. Oh migosh…lurve guy with long hair. Most of the pix blur since I jumped in frantic with wiggly hands like krayzee. And there’s Dian. She’s a beauty on screen and real life…no doubt bout that. Managed to snap 10 shots. Tolak yang blur, haiyooo.

Time tgh xtreme sempat la plak jejak kasih. Hernie from Bandaraya and can’t-remember-her-name from TIKL. Both went to UIA. And then bumped into Lisa and bf. And Mincus with his group. Fizut and bf Gman. Oh yess…


Guess dat’s it, mission accomplished. I’m grinning achingly rite now…mushy mushy! View Dian and Nico here.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Unidentified Fingerprints

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara @ BTR or anywhere is sucks. The service is damn slow. Came at 8.00 in the morning to get the frigging limited number. Wait 3 hours till they announce the number. And what you get is a very unfriendly faces from the person behind the counter who’s ready to snap you off.

What? You don’t like your job? We don’t like waiting in this small room for hours with no air-condition! No toilet, not enuff seats. Screaming kids, old people trembling. I read the news sometimes ago that the government are going to make an exception to the old ones. They don’t have to queue. What happen to that?

Oh well the things is I don’t have fingerprints on the right thumb! Erm the identifier can’t capture anylines. Heheh unbelievable! Seriously my right thumb is totally screwed by some sort of soap-allergy. That man was speechless. Oh oh…does that mean no Smart Card? The best solution he could offer is to xerox the old IC coz the fingerprints looks ‘normal’ back then.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Accompanied Adly to Q-Dees. Second day at school. Havta stay with case dia naik sheikh! Nana has to go to cafe. Soo...there I was being the great Aunt aka Acu. Dia panik aku pon panik takut dia melalak. Nak greet Good Morning Teacher pon cam nak bertabur air mata. Wakakaka...surely his stomach churning! I know that feeling. Glad the school days are over! :D
Went to TIKL today to certified all the certs. Dekat, senang, tapik malu. Heheh...quite a long time didn't set my footstep there. New building, new hall. Lama dah sumer nie tp tgk dari luar jerla...tiap² ari lalu stu.

Havta see Ketua² Bidang who only happens to be there was En. Annamalai. Hmm...wish to see Pn Faridah, Mr. Poh ker...but didn't catch their glimpse. Bilik Guru panjang sangat...segan nak masuk. Pttthhh!

Kinda hate that skool ekceli. Borrring! The sports day sucks, the clubs yucks, the environment...ergh. Ttabley buat tuh tabley buat nie...yadda yadda. But the rest is the friends I make there in two years time.

Sunday, January 5, 2003

Saturday, January 4, 2003

People who are always green with envy is sick. What goes on in the heads of such people when they deliberately seek out to perpetrate their acts of pure evil? Sometimes, perhaps the only way to make such people realize the evil of their intent is to make them experience what they perpetrate on others. At times the shock value of such punishments would get the desired effects kalo dah berbuih² mulut cakap tapik tak reti² bahasa.

What could be worse…is worst if they didn’t realize their mistakes. Blaming other people for their loss. It’s always everybody’s fault, never theirs. Fuck all this people.

Pix at Ihsan's open house uploaded.

Friday, January 3, 2003

3 years is exactly the day Mom left us. 8.20 a.m...I lost her forever. Daripada Allah kita datang, kepada-Nya kita kembali. Al-Fatihah.

Love always.

Wednesday, January 1, 2003


Happy New Year. Azam aku tahun nie ialah mencari azam. hehehe...Good Health, Joy and Fatt Choy :D